Finding solutions for child care disagreements

Finding solutions for child care disagreements

“My ex-partner and I cannot reach agreement about child arrangements. What can I do?

Solicitor involvement at an early stage can often help. A letter from a solicitor can often get things moving towards a resolution. We recommend also that the letter actually includes some proposals relating to child arrangement and an offer to attend mediation to save time and money.

Alternatively, you could go straight to starting the mediation process. Mediation is often successful in helping divorcing and separating couples reach agreement. Just like where there are financial and property issues, we recommend mediation in both cases involving child arrangement disputes. If an agreement is reached during mediation, it doesn’t automatically make it binding. The only way the arrangement can become binding is by getting a Court Order.

Some couples though do not apply to the Court and instead simply stick to the arrangements organised within the mediation sessions.

In some instances, not a letter from a solicitor nor mediation can get final arrangements agreed. That’s not to say though that both aren’t without their positives. If a letter and / or mediation has reduced the level of disagreement, it’s been worth it.

This article was written by Jeff Garland, a specialist solicitor in Divorce and Child Law. If you have any questions or need more help, please don’t hesitate to give Jeff a call or drop him an e-mail using the details below. / 01772 374 475

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