There are typically up to 3 stages to a Divorce, not all of which will be relevant to everyone:


The Divorce itself

(bringing the marriage to an end)


Separation of Shared Finances and Assets


Child Care Arrangements

Since April 2022, there is no longer a requirement for a person to prove why they need a Divorce. Instead, they just need to state that there is a “irretrievable breakdown in the marriage”. In other words: there is no chance the marriage can recover.

Imagine this stage as being the part which brings the contract of marriage to an end. There is now an online portal ( which takes a person through this short process. There is then an option for telling the Court that the Court that the other two stages are relevant (if either or both are).

We nearly always recommend to anyone that comes to us for advice to explore completing this part of the process themselves without using a Solicitor.

If you don’t have the time and would prefer us to complete this process for you, we charge a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT.

The Court charges a fee of £593 for the Divorce to be processed. Please bear in mind therefore that regardless of whether you use a Solicitor or not (and unless you qualify for a discount of the Court Fee, see here:, you will need to pay at least £593 to get a Divorce.

During the initial Divorce process using the online portal, a person is asked whether a ‘Financial Order’ is required. It is a simple yes / no answer at this early stage.

A Financial Order is a document from the Court which details how the finances of the divorcing (or separating) couple must be divided. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Court will be needed to decide on how the finances are separated. In fact, the Court is happy when the divorcing couple negotiate and agree between themselves and then then all the Court has to do is rubber stamp the agreement.

This stage of the Divorce is where the money you have saved by completing the initial stage yourself is better spent on legal advice. After your initial free advice session, our Head of Divorce and Child Law Jeff Garland charges £250 + VAT per hour.

We fully appreciate that this sounds expensive which is why we are committed to working quickly and effectively when negotiating for an agreement on Finances and Assets.

If you have no shared Finances, a Clean Break Order may be an important consideration. Have a read of our article on what one is and why it may be something to explore here: Finances, Property and the ‘Clean Break’.

Typically, Child Care Arrangements focus on 3 details (although they can include much more):

  • Who will the Child / Children live with?
  • Who will be able to see the Child or Children (known as ‘visitation’)?
  • How often and where will visitation happen?

Alongside these practical arrangements, a key aspect of Child Law is often Child Maintenance: the financial amount the parent the child / children doesn’t live with will contribute to their upbringing.

The best place to start for identifying how much Child Maintenance you’ll either receive or pay (depending on the arrangement circumstances) can be found online here:

This government questionnaire will give you an approximate figure but it’s usually a pretty good guide.

In order to get a figure from the calculator, financial information of both parents is needed, including:

  • Income (including state pension)
  • Any benefits received

Mediation is often an excellent way of a divorcing couple resolving any disagreement about Child Care Arrangements quickly.

After your initial free advice session, our Head of Divorce and Child Law Jeff Garland charges £250 + VAT per hour to advise and represent in a Child Care Arrangement disagreement.

Please remember that the costs of our services do not include the Court Fee of £593. We have included VAT in our costs summary table below to ensure complete transparency of what you’ll pay for our expert advice. Remember, it is our aim to work quickly and effectively to ensure you obtain the quickest and most cost-effective representation in your Divorce.

ServiceCost (including VAT)
Initial Advice (30 minutes)£0
Divorce (Stage 1)£600
Clean Break Order£1440
Financial Advice and Representation£300 per hour
Child Care Advice and Representation£300 per hour

For more information as to how we ensure you receive value for money, click here. You can also see our Solicitor profiles which detail our experience and expertise here.