During the course of your life, it may feel like there are many more important things to spend your money on than a Will.

That is, until it’s needed. At that point, for many, a Will is almost priceless.

For us, the best way to explain why having a Will is important is by describing what happens if you pass away and you don’t have one.

Essentially, the government will give you a Will. In that standard Will, it will divide your assets between a set group of people in a set order in a set way. This order of inheritance is known as the Rules of Intestacy. They don’t allow for any inheritance to:-

  • Unmarried partners
  • Stepchildren and Foster Children (unless legally adopted)
  • Friends
  • Charities

In very rare instances where those who can inherit through the rules of intestacy can’t be traced, it is the Crown who will inherit your belongings.

The only way therefore to ensure that you are in control of who receives what is by writing a Will.

At this firm, we write Wills which detail exactly what your wishes are in an understandable way. We also include in the prices below:


Free Will Storage


Free Certified Copies


Free minor alterations

Will Service Cost Table

TypeCost (including VAT)Mirror* (including VAT)
Existing Will Review£0£0
Basic Will£240£360
Basic + Trust or Guardian£270£420
Basic + Trust + Guardian£300£480

*Mirror Wills are 2 Wills which are nearly identical (in other words, they mirror each other). They are usually used by couples who have the same wishes for their belongings.