Child Law often relates to Child Care Arrangements which focus on 3 details (although they can include much more):


Who will the Child / Children live with?


Who will be able to see the Child or Children (known as ‘visitation’)


How often and where will visitation happen?

Alongside these practical arrangements, a key aspect of Child Law is often Child Maintenance: the financial amount the parent the child / children doesn’t live with will contribute to their upbringing.

The best place to start for identifying how much Child Maintenance you’ll either receive or pay (depending on the arrangement circumstances) can be found online here:

This government questionnaire will give you an approximate figure but it’s usually a pretty good guide.

In order to get a figure from the calculator, financial information of both parents is needed, including:

–           Income (including state pension)

–           Any benefits received

Mediation is often an excellent way of a divorcing couple resolving any disagreement about Child Care Arrangements quickly.

After your initial free advice session, our Head of Divorce and Child Law Jeff Garland charges £250 + VAT per hour to advise and represent in a Child Care Arrangement disagreement. Child Law can also involve other aspects of Child Welfare, such as:

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Name Changes
  • Guardianship

For anything Child Law related, our Head of Divorce and Child Law Jeff Garland and our offer of a free initial consultation is the best starting place. Often, we can offer Fixed Fees for advice and representation in Child Law matters. For more information, book in with Jeff and we’ll go from there (without any pressure to then use us for the representation).