Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

Here at littlebitsoflaw, we separate Family Law – which can be a vast area of law – into two smaller parts. Namely, Divorce Law and Child Law. For the purposes of this article though, let’s use the more traditionally used ‘Family Law’.

Sometimes, choosing a Family Law Solicitor can be difficult. We urge anyone who would like representation to not leave finding a Solicitor to the “last minute”. Instead, spend as much time as possible making the choice. After all, the decision can be crucial.

If you know someone that had been through a similar experience, then ask them about the Solicitor they instructed and whether they would recommend him or her. If you are told that the Solicitor was “OK”, that’s really not good enough.

Look at websites and read reviews.

Does the solicitors practice you may want to instruct offer any free initial advice. If so, consider obtaining this advice and decide whether you were impressed with the advice you received? Did it make sense to you? Do not feel afraid to ask about the Solicitors’ previous experience. Were legal fees discussed?

Was the advice from the Solicitor who would actually be representing you and did you think that you would be able to get on well with the them throughout what could be a stressful time.

Were alternative methods of progressing matters discussed, such as mediation? Mediation can often be a cheaper and more amicable method of dealing with family disputes.

If you have doubts about the advice you received, you did not feel confident in the Solicitor you had met, or you just feel you need a second opinion then contact other Solicitors.

Article written by Jeff Garland, our Solicitor and Head of Divorce and Child Law. from our Preston, Lancashire office.

If you want further help, reach out to us at 01772 37 44 75 or use the calendar below to book an appointment with Jeff directly. Remember, our initial 30 minute appointment is completely free and without any obligation to formally instruct us.