How to find a good Solicitor?

How to find a good Solicitor?

To become a Solicitor, a person needs to complete a Law degree, a Post-Graduate degree and years of experience before they are admitted onto the ‘roll’ of Solicitors. Once they are, the norm is to look at how many years they’ve been qualified for as a way of assessing their experience. This is known as ‘PQE’ (post-qualification experience). 

Again, traditionally the idea is that the more PQE a Solicitor has, the more reliable they are given the experience (and often, the greater the experience they have, the more expensive they are). 

Our view therefore is that all Solicitors are good!

Perhaps an easier question to answer therefore is ‘how do I find a Solicitor suited to me and my needs?’

It can be challenging sometimes to actually know what you need from a Solicitor. The fact you think you need one, if you don’t have legal experience yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you need a Solicitor for. Doing a bit of research (and start with educated guesswork) on Google is a good starting point to identify what kind of law you need help with. 

From there, you can use the Law Society’s ‘Find a Solicitor’.

Using the drop down to find your type of legal issue and then entering your post code, you’ll be able to find local Solicitor firms who can help you. 

Each Solicitor firm listed will have a link to their website. From here you can visit the site and get a feel for the type of firm they are and whether it’s a match for your personality and what you’d like from your Solicitor. Price may also be a factor and each firm’s pricing structure often appears on the website for you to be able to view and compare. 

Ultimately, there are many fantastic Solicitors in England and Wales. It’s just about finding the right one for you!

Article written by Chris McCrudden, Director and Solicitor from our Preston, Lancashire office.

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