What is Mediation in a Divorce?

What is Mediation in a Divorce?

Mediation is often mentioned, but what exactly is it? Our Divorce Law Solicitor Jeff Garland is on hand to explain, this time in a Finance and Property dispute context.

Mediation is where the divorcing couple discuss how their assets (property, savings and more) will be divided alongside a trained mediator. Mediation can also be used to try and find an agreement about child arrangements (more on this in another article), if nothing has been agreed.

The mediator’s role is to help the couple reach agreement.

We recommend mediation in most cases. It is usually a cheaper and more amicable method of trying to reach an agreement than using solicitors from the beginning of
the negotiation.

The cost of mediation is usually is usually shared equally between the divorcing / separating partners.

It’s important that you know the Mediator is not a Judge. They will never force an agreement on a couple. Mediators will suggest that couples should obtain their own separate advice with regard to any proposed settlement terms.

This article was written by Jeff Garland, a specialist solicitor in Divorce and Child Law. If you have any questions or need more help, please don’t hesitate to give Jeff a call using the details below.

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