Cancelling your Will

Cancelling your Will

When it comes to cancelling your Will, there are two straightforward methods:

Writing a New Will:

One of the simplest ways to cancel your existing Will is by creating a new one. By making a new will, you have the opportunity to update your wishes, beneficiaries, and any other details. When you create a new Will, it typically replaces any previous Wills you have made, provided the new Will clearly states it is to be the only one used.

Destroying the Will:

Another effective method to cancel your Will is by physically destroying it. You can do this by tearing, shredding, or burning the document with the clear intent to cancel it. It’s crucial to ensure that the destruction of the Will is deliberate and intentional, showing your desire to cancel its contents. Additionally, it’s advisable to destroy all copies of the Will to prevent any confusion or potential challenges to its validity in the future.

Article written by Chris McCrudden, Solicitor, specialising in Wills Law at our Preston, Lancashire office.

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